Montreal Headshot Photographer - Vadim Daniel

Today I would like to introduce you to one interesting person whose name is Guy Gowan.

Six years ago looking through my my inbox messages, I came across an invitation to a lecture on the topic of alternative photo processing using Photoshop. To be honest, my knowledge of retouching at that time was very superficial, so I immediately decided and registered for this two-days course.


Guy is not a photographer, but his knowledge and understanding of all processes of rooting go back to the era of film photography. And, I’m talking about the processes of which most photographers did not even hear.


Throughout these years, the “process” (that’s how Guy calls his action script) has been evolving and improving every year. Up to date, I can say that there is nothing like this on the market and the results obtained after processing simply amaze with its quality.


Guy not only sells the finished product, he trains and explains, and also finds solutions for various types of tasks for processing digital photographs.


Guy’s process has become an integral part of the process of retouching photos. This is our secret weapon and we are very happy to share it with everyone who cares about the quality of the photo.


In particular with regard to the editing of wedding photos, when there is a need to process hundreds and thousands of photographs of our clients, Guy’s approach is shown as the most stable and most effective way, and the results outperform the quality of any well-known processing programs like Lightroom it Capture one.


We used all the possible row converters that exist on the market, but I can confidently assure you that there is nothing even close to the results obtained after the Guy’s Process.


Visit Guy Gowan’s website

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Branding Food Photography for IKANOS

Storyboard photography for IKANOS restaurant in Montreal, Old Port. Advertising material for media and menu.
Located in the hearth of Old Montreal, Ikanos restaurant invites you to discover the contemporary mediterranean cuisine of chef-owner Constant Mentzas

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Editorial makeup project
Makeup Nady MakeUp
Model: Alisa Polotovski

It’s up to you, New York…

It was my first commercial photo project in NY. I had a couple evening to walk around the city parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Busy, noisy, but charming and unique at the same time.

Editorial Makeup / Beauty Project

I think that the red backlight was great addition to the mood.
Model: Diana Hanakova

Editorial Food Photography
at Mimi la Nuit, Montreal

Food photography for Montreal restaurant & bar Mimi la Nuit. Natural, soft light from a windows was perfect match for the atmosphere of the Montreal Old Port restaurant with delicious home cuisine. I used my Sony A7R2 with small reflector and left all my studio gear unpacked


Foodservice and Hospitality magazine,
chef Kimberly Lallouz

Creative portraits photoshoot for Foodservice and Hospitality magazine. Kimberly Lallouz (better known as Kimberly LaBlues) is a busy chef and owner of two restaurants: Miss Prêt à Manger and Monsieur Restaurant+Bar. Captured with Sony a7R II camera, only Profoto D1.


Concept Portraits session with Chris

Creative portraits session with Chris. No photoshop, only Phocus adjustments (Hasselblad)

 Shimon Peres. President of Israel, and Prime Minister of Israel

Back in 2006, working as a photojournalist, I had the opportunity to photograph Shimon Peres, President of Israel, and Prime Minister of Israel. I just love this photo of Shimon with great, full smile.


Israel-Lebanon Second War

At the time of the Israel-Lebanon war breakout in 2006, I lived not far from the boarder of these two countries. Hundreds of rockets were falling every single day, hitting many cities, damaging houses, and killing people.
As a photojournalist of one of the Israel’s largest news magazine, I captured these tragic and scary moments that followed the rockets attacks.


One of my favourite photos.
Taken back in 2006, Israel

First post with my first frame

My first post I would like to start with my first image I took long time ago. I was 7 years old, with toy soviet camera Smena8, fully manual. This came out the only one frame from the roll, but made me really happy.

L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel / Food Photography Project

For the last two years I have been photographing for a unique restaurant in Montreal called L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel. Every dish the chef creates is beyond one’s expectations, and every photo shot was a different experience, allowing me to experiment with the lighting set up.

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Product Photography Project

Challenging myself with a project like this is always fun, and it brings so much satisfaction to see the final results. It was a photo shot on the client’s location. No white surrounding, a curved surface such as the mirror and the only way to shot is with a reflected light.
Piano Vertu


Portraits and Branding Photography for Federation CJA Campaign

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