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Professional Studio Headshots

You need to have a professional headshot to fit into the corporate world. You want people to see your headshot and to form an idea of who you are as a person, putting some thoughts on your personal brand in their minds. A stunning photo is like a great first impression: it introduces you in the right way. As a photographer is my job to help you and to give you a major edge down the line.

Refined and sleek, a headshot done in a studio will highlight your eyes, face, and neck and draw attention away from your clothes and the background. Anyone who sees your headshot –  will see that you are someone who exudes confidence, someone they can respect, and someone they want to work with!

Branding Portraiture – Lifestyle Photography

Among all headshot photography genres, none has experienced growth quite as meteoric as this one. By setting your portrait in a place with which you are familiar, branding portraiture tells your audience what you do and who you are in a very real way. We love doing branding portraiture more than any other genre of portrait photography because it helps us to get an inside look at our subjects. A variety of lighting set-ups are possible with this type of portrait, so it lends itself to creativity as well. To do something different, consider a branding portrait!


To get your big break, either as an actor or as a model, headshots are a critical and effective tool. You can use your headshot to create recognition among studios and other publicity outlets, making a statement about who you are and helping yourself to stand out.

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Serving almost all of Canada and the US, our headshot photography teamworks on everything from individual portraits to major international conferences of hundreds of people.

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