Vadim Daniel Photography

Product and Food Photography

After finishing all the product photography for Cogworks company based in New Hampshire, I had to take some photos showing products (wooden boards) with food. It was really yum-yum process, shopping, styling and… well eating props

food, food photography, Montreal local food, cheese boards presentation, commercial product photography

ƒ/11,Hasselblad H4D-40,4 May, 2017,110mm,100,1/320s,

cheese photography, food photographer in Montreal, NYC food photographer, Toronto Food photography, food boards

ƒ/11,Hasselblad H4D-40,4 May, 2017,110mm,100,1/320s,

lifestyle food photography, Montreal food photographer, top food photography

ƒ/11,Hasselblad H4D-40,4 May, 2017,110mm,100,1/320s,

cheese board, food photography, table setup photography, bread board, Montreal food photography

ƒ/8,Hasselblad H4D-40,4 May, 2017,110mm,100,1/320s,

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Editorial Food Photography at Mimi la Nuit, Montreal

Food photography for Montreal restaurant & bar Mimi la Nuit. Natural, soft light from a windows was perfect match for the atmosphere of the Montreal Old Port restaurant with delicious home cuisine

I used my Sony A7R2 with small reflector and left all my studio gear unpacked

food photography, lamb, food, montreal food photographer Vadim Daniel, mimi la nuit

vegitables-plate-Mimi-la-Nuit, editorial food photography by Montreal food photographer Vadim Daniel

ƒ/5.6,ILCE-7RM2,9 March, 2016,90mm,400,1/200s,

classic food, Montreal food photographer Vadim Daniel

ƒ/5.6,ILCE-7RM2,9 March, 2016,90mm,500,1/100s,

cafta burger at mimi la nuit, food photography with natural light

ƒ/3.2,ILCE-7RM2,9 March, 2016,90mm,640,1/250s,

food photography, appetizers photo, photography for restaurant Mimi la nuit, Montreal

ƒ/2.8,ILCE-7RM2,9 March, 2016,90mm,1000,1/200s,

octopus-pot, natural light food photography

ƒ/4,ILCE-7RM2,9 March, 2016,90mm,640,1/200s,

sweet dessert photography by Vadim Daniel photography

ƒ/5.6,ILCE-7RM2,9 March, 2016,90mm,640,1/250s,

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L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel

Chef Christophe Michalak and Chef Eric Gonzalez portrait, Montreal Auberge Saint-Gabriel

  Chef Christophe Michalak and Chef Eric Gonzalez


Jacques Demont, Managing Director Nespresso CANADA, portrait photography by Vadim Daniel

Jacques Demont, Managing Director Nespresso CANADA

nespresso canada, nespresso photography by Montreal Photographer Vadim Daniel

product photography, studio photography, coffee photography by Vadim Daniel

cup of coffee photo, advertising photographer Vadim Daniel

nespresso coffee photography, new nespresso machine photography

coffee machine, nespresso machine, nespresso logo

nespresso capsule

commercial studio photography by Vadim Daniel, Montreal, Canada

nespresso chocolate and sugar photography

new products from Nespresso Canada, new cups from nespresso

new coffee machine presentation, food photography in Montreal

latte preparation with nespresso new machine, photography Vadim Daniel

coffee plate after, editorial food photography in Montreal, canada

Kaiji Sushi

kaiji sushi, Montreal sushi photography

sushi photography by Montreal photographer

food photography in Montreal sushi place Kaiji

kaiji steak photography

sushi photography by Montreal professional food photographer

food photography for blogs and web publication

dim sum photography by Montreal food photographer Vadim Daniel

Asian food photography

shrimps sup

Japan sushi photography

fish presentation by Montreal photographer Vadim Daniel

Asian such plate at Kaiji

sushi art by Montreal commercial photographer Vadim Daniel

avocado mus at Kaiji sushi Montreal

another sushi plate for events from Montreal top sushi places Kaiji


Japanese food preparation as Kaiji Sushi

food photography for creative magazines in Montreal

crab meet at Kaiji


red tuna steak photography

dragon eye sushi at Kaiji sushi

cooking proses at kaiji restaurant

photographer for restaurants in Montreal

colourful picture of Asian food in Montreal


Japans knifes for sushi, sushi knife

Shitaki Mushroom

green tea

cooking proses

vegetarian plate


fish plate, photo Vadim Daniel, Montreal food photographer


chef Daren Bergeron at work

  Chef Daren Bergeron


Chef Martin Juneau getting ready for food photography session in Montreal, photographed by Vadim Daniel

  Chef Martin Juneau

In Foods – In Cuisin

Superstar chef Chuck Hughes

  Superstar chef Chuck Hughes

Mayssam Samaha & Chuck Hughes

  Mayssam Samaha & Chuck Hughes

Cheria Kyres & Chuck Hughes

  Cheria Kyres & Chuck Hughes


kreavie - advertising photography,

sweet tables in Montreal, food blogger photography

desert in Montreal photography, food photography for websites and blogs

chocolate cake photography

candies photography, package photography in Montreal

chocolate presentation, food photographer in Montreal

coffee and chocolate photography

cookies photography by Montreal food photography studio

caramel and toast photography, kreavie Montreal

marshmallow in chocolate, packaging photography in Montreal

chocolate photo, commercial photography studio in Montreal

wedding sweet tables in Montreal, food photographer Vadim Daniel

sweet tables photography, advertising photography in Montreal

sweet tables presentation in Montreal, Kreavie

sweet food photography, commercial food photography

kreavie chocolate, top food photographer in Montreal

creative food photographer in Montreal

food photography, editorial food photography

catalog photography in Montreal

photography of food and food styling

hot vine photography

catalog, package photography Montreal, kreavie

sweet table by Kreavie

sweet table setup in Montreal

kreavie sweet tables photographed by Montreal commercial photographer Vadim Daniel

sweet table for kids

Christmas sweet table

pastry and sweet photography in Montreal

editorial food photography by Montreal food photographer

apple in caramel


cooking photography Montreal

sweet cooking by Kreavie Montreal

creative food photography by Montreal photographer


product photography in Montreal

cheese photo

food decoration and styling

sweet table decoration and photography

kreavie, tea time


Fish presentation. It was my first food photography project long time ago. Client: ÉLLA-Grill Montreal

fish photography

shrimps photography, Montreal food photography

Cheese Balls photography by Vadim Daniel -

shrimps photography, cookbook photography in Montreal

vegetable wrap

grilled steak presentation, steak photography

tuna steak photography

grilled chicken steak

grilled fish, food photography for the menu

mozzarella balls, food photography for blog

greek baklava


white truffle photography, product photography in Montreal

black truffle in Montreal by macchi, Montreal commercial food photography

white truffle, cheese, pasta. food photography for bloggers in Montreal

black truffles cutting, product photography by Montreal photographer