Montreal Headshot Photographer - Vadim Daniel

Branding Montreal Food photography for Arëm

It was incredibly interesting to photograph this project. I was impressed by the way the Chef approaches the food making, as if he creates a piece of art.

A few words about the restaurant:
Arëm is a high-end, fine dining restaurant that offers a contemporary Ottoman cuisine. Its owner and Executive Chef, Reza Azarpoor, is originally from Iran. His was inspired by his many journeys to settle down in Montreal and pursue his passion for the Ottoman culture and fine cuisine.


Today I would like to introduce you to one interesting person whose name is Guy Gowan.

Six years ago looking through my my inbox messages, I came across an invitation to a lecture on the topic of alternative photo processing using Photoshop. To be honest, my knowledge of retouching at that time was very superficial, so I immediately decided and registered for this two-days course.


Guy is not a photographer, but his knowledge and understanding of all processes of rooting go back to the era of film photography. And, I’m talking about the processes of which most photographers did not even hear.


Throughout these years, the “process” (that’s how Guy calls his action script) has been evolving and improving every year. Up to date, I can say that there is nothing like this on the market and the results obtained after processing simply amaze with its quality.


Guy not only sells the finished product, he trains and explains, and also finds solutions for various types of tasks for processing digital photographs.


Guy’s process has become an integral part of the process of retouching photos. This is our secret weapon and we are very happy to share it with everyone who cares about the quality of the photo.


In particular with regard to the editing of wedding photos, when there is a need to process hundreds and thousands of photographs of our clients, Guy’s approach is shown as the most stable and most effective way, and the results outperform the quality of any well-known processing programs like Lightroom it Capture one.


We used all the possible row converters that exist on the market, but I can confidently assure you that there is nothing even close to the results obtained after the Guy’s Process.


Visit Guy Gowan’s website

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Branding Food Photography for IKANOS

Storyboard photography for IKANOS restaurant in Montreal, Old Port. Advertising material for media and menu.
Located in the hearth of Old Montreal, Ikanos restaurant invites you to discover the contemporary mediterranean cuisine of chef-owner Constant Mentzas

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Product / Food Photography Project

After finishing all the product photography for Cogworks company based in New Hampshire, I had to take some photos showing products (wooden boards) with food. It was really yum-yum process, shopping, styling and… well eating props


Editorial Food Photography
at Mimi la Nuit, Montreal

Food photography for Montreal restaurant & bar Mimi la Nuit. Natural, soft light from a windows was perfect match for the atmosphere of the Montreal Old Port restaurant with delicious home cuisine. I used my Sony A7R2 with small reflector and left all my studio gear unpacked


Montreal and Toronto food photography by Vadim Daniel, chef  Éric Gonzalez

Montreal food photographer, studio food photographer in Montreal, chef  Éric Gonzalez

Auberge St-Gabriel, food presentation, food styling in Montreal. Chef  Éric Gonzalez

Auberge St-Gabriel, food photography by Montreal photographer Vadim Daniel, chef  Éric Gonzalez

Auberge Saint-Gabriel, Photo:Vadim Daniel

food photograper

Montreal food photographer

studio food photographer in Montreal

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Chef Christophe Michalak and Chef Eric Gonzalez portrait, Montreal Auberge Saint-Gabriel

Chef Christophe Michalak and Chef Eric Gonzalez

Food Photographer in Montreal, hasselblad H4D-40 food photography

professional food photography by Montreal photographer Vadim Daniel

food photography in Montreal

food presentation by chef Éric Gonzalez, photography by Vadim Daniel Photography - Montreal, Auberge Saint-Gabriel

sup photography

cook book photography, Montreal food photographer

Auberge Saint-Gabriel, cook-book photography, fine-art food photography in Montreal, chef Éric Gonzalez

Photography for professional food, drink and lifestyle creative images in Montreal, Canada. chef Éric Gonzalez

Auberge Saint-Gabriel, cookbook photography by Montreal food photographer Vadim Daniel

professional food photography

food photography, studio food photography in Montreal

Auberge Saint-Gabriel photo-shoot by Montreal food photographer Vadim Daniel

food presentation and photography by Vadim Daniel, Montreal food photographer

food styling and photography by Montreal photographer - Vadim Daniel for cook book

nice pot of food by Auberge Saint-Gabriel restaurant in old port of Montreal

closeup photography of food

food photography for magazine, cook book

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photo of asparagus, by Montreal studio photographer Vadim Daniel

meet photo, commercial food photography by Montreal photographer

late of figs, classic food photography by Vadim Daniel Photography

ingredients photography, editorial food photography

cook book photography in Montreal, Canada, by Vadim Daniel

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making salad at Auberge Saint-Gabriel, photography by studio photographer - Vadim Daniel

food photo, professional studio for food photography in Montreal

make preparations for food photo shoot by Montreal photographer, Vadim Daniel

final plate for food photography, L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel

decoration of food, food stilling

food styling photography by Vadim Daniel Photography

another angle for food plate, photographed by Montreal photographer

french traditional meal at Auberge Saint-Gabriel, Montreal commercial photography

food after photography, studio food photography in Canada, Quebec

best food in Montreal, professional studio photography service in Montreal

plash of color, vegetables photography

Auberge Saint-Gabriel, black garlic, studio food photography in Montreal, Canada

cooking on open fire, fire photography

the founder of Auberge Saint-Gabriel in old port, Montreal, portrait by Vadim Daniel

Auberge saint-Gabriel, food photography, Montreal food photographer

Montreal restaurant L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel by Montreal Food photographer Vadim Daniel

Montreal Food Photography for BarBounya

Food photography project. BarBounya is a Turkish maze bar on Laurier Avenue in Montreal. You can enjoy the sunny Mediterranean cuisine of chef Fisun Ercan, as well as her meze, small refined plates that are eaten hot or cold and can be served in large numbers

Jacques Demont, Managing Director Nespresso CANADA, portrait photography by Vadim Daniel

Jacques Demont, Managing Director Nespresso CANADA

nespresso canada, nespresso photography by Montreal Photographer Vadim Daniel

product photography, studio photography, coffee photography by Vadim Daniel

cup of coffee photo, advertising photographer Vadim Daniel

nespresso coffee photography, new nespresso machine photography

coffee machine, nespresso machine, nespresso logo

nespresso capsule

commercial studio photography by Vadim Daniel, Montreal, Canada

nespresso chocolate and sugar photography

new products from Nespresso Canada, new cups from nespresso

new coffee machine presentation, food photography in Montreal

latte preparation with nespresso new machine, photography Vadim Daniel

coffee plate after, editorial food photography in Montreal, canada

kaiji sushi, Montreal sushi photography

sushi photography by Montreal photographer

food photography in Montreal sushi place Kaiji

kaiji steak photography

sushi photography by Montreal professional food photographer

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dim sum photography by Montreal food photographer Vadim Daniel

Asian food photography

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Japan sushi photography

fish presentation by Montreal photographer Vadim Daniel

Asian such plate at Kaiji

sushi art by Montreal commercial photographer Vadim Daniel

avocado mus at Kaiji sushi Montreal

another sushi plate for events from Montreal top sushi places Kaiji


Japanese food preparation as Kaiji Sushi

food photography for creative magazines in Montreal

crab meet at Kaiji


red tuna steak photography

dragon eye sushi at Kaiji sushi

cooking proses at kaiji restaurant

photographer for restaurants in Montreal

colourful picture of Asian food in Montreal


Japans knifes for sushi, sushi knife

Shitaki Mushroom

green tea

cooking proses

vegetarian plate


fish plate, photo Vadim Daniel, Montreal food photographer

DECCA 77 Restaurant Bar Lounge, food photography by Montreal food photographer Vadim Daniel

Chic and sensuous, DECCA77 is a modern interpretation of gracious Art Deco style, filled with natural light by day, muted with candlelight by night. eating at the restaurant

vine-bar at DECCA 77, Montreal

cooking on open fire at restaurant Decca77, photo-journalistic style photography

food preparation at Decca77 restaurant, Montreal. Photography by Vadim Daniel Photography

chef Daren Bergeron at work

Chef Daren Bergeron

fine art food at DECCA 77, modern food photography

food presentation, photography by Montreal studio photographer, Vadim Daniel

food styling and presentation by Montreal restaurant DECCA 77

clean style food presentation

food photography with natural light

natural light studio photography by Canadian Photographer Vadim Daniel

plate of food, natural light photography by Canadian photographer Vadim Daniel

culinary pleasure at DECCA 77

vine selection

vine section of DECCA 77

dessert photography with natural light

food photo with natural light

team chefs of DECCA 77

dessert photography, food photographer in Montreal

newtown - gourmet restaurant, Montreal. Logo photo

vine bar photography, vine fridge photography by Montreal food photographer Vadim Daniel

lenewtown restaurant in Montreal, decoration photography, editorial photography of restaurant in Montreal

wine, gourmet food at Montreal, food photography, wine photography

Chef Martin Juneau getting ready for food photography session in Montreal, photographed by Vadim Daniel

Chef Martin Juneau

food fine art photography in Montreal by commercial food photographer Vadim Daniel

natural light food photography by professional food photographer Vadim Daniel

urban food styling for cookbook by Montreal photographer Vadim Daniel

hamburger photo, newtown hamburger photo by Montreal food photographer

food photography in Montreal, Newtown

unique style photography by Montreal photographer Vadim Daniel, restaurant Newtown

great food photo, the best food styling in Montreal. Photographer Vadim Daniel

desert photography Montreal - newtown - Vadim Daniel Photography

food preparation by chef from Newtown, cooking photography in Montreal

wine presentation photography, Montreal, newtown. Photo:Vadim Daniel

portrait on location, Montreal. Wine degustation at Newtown restaurant

natural light photography of restaurant lenewtown in Montreal by Montreal commercial photographer - Vadam Daniel

bar photography, the best night bar of Montreal, newtown. Photography by Vadim Daniel Photography

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Montreal Food Photographer

In Snax pita crisps. Canadian food photography

Montreal photographer Vadim Daniel

Commercial food photographer in Quebec, Montreal

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In Snax pita crisps

In Cuisin mash

In Cuisin products

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Superstar chef Chuck Hughes

Superstar chef Chuck Hughes

event with Chuck Hughes

Mayssam Samaha & Chuck Hughes

Mayssam Samaha & Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes - food even

Cheria Kyres & Chuck Hughes

Cheria Kyres & Chuck Hughes

food event with Chuck Hughes

food photography with Chuck Hughes

food photography of event with Chuck Hughes

kreavie - advertising photography,

sweet tables in Montreal, food blogger photography

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wedding sweet tables in Montreal, food photographer Vadim Daniel

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sweet tables presentation in Montreal, Kreavie

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sweet table by Kreavie

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Christmas sweet table

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apple in caramel


cooking photography Montreal

sweet cooking by Kreavie Montreal

creative food photography by Montreal photographer


product photography in Montreal

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sweet table decoration and photography

kreavie, tea time

Fish presentation. It was my first food photography project long time ago. Client: ÉLLA-Grill Montreal

fish photography

shrimps photography, Montreal food photography

Cheese Balls photography by Vadim Daniel -

shrimps photography, cookbook photography in Montreal

vegetable wrap

grilled steak presentation, steak photography

tuna steak photography

grilled chicken steak

grilled fish, food photography for the menu

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white truffle photography, product photography in Montreal

black truffle in Montreal by macchi, Montreal commercial food photography

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black truffles cutting, product photography by Montreal photographer

cheese photography, Macchi Montreal by Montreal photographer Vadim Daniel

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Prosciutto, product photography by Montreal photography studio

macchi Prosciutto Montreal

macchi Prosciutto in Montreal

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Parmigiano in Montreal

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Macchi cheese in Montreal