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Straight to Business Headshot

Business Corporate Headshot of Kevin Chung
Good Headshots is really essential tool for any business person.

Today I would like to introduce you to one interesting person whose name is Guy Gowan.

Six years ago looking through my my inbox messages, I came across an invitation to a lecture on the topic of alternative photo processing using Photoshop. To be honest, my knowledge of retouching at that time was very superficial, so I immediately decided and registered for this two-days course.


Guy is not a photographer, but his knowledge and understanding of all processes of rooting go back to the era of film photography. And, I’m talking about the processes of which most photographers did not even hear.


Throughout these years, the “process” (that’s how Guy calls his action script) has been evolving and improving every year. Up to date, I can say that there is nothing like this on the market and the results obtained after processing simply amaze with its quality.


Guy not only sells the finished product, he trains and explains, and also finds solutions for various types of tasks for processing digital photographs.


Guy’s process has become an integral part of the process of retouching photos. This is our secret weapon and we are very happy to share it with everyone who cares about the quality of the photo.


In particular with regard to the editing of wedding photos, when there is a need to process hundreds and thousands of photographs of our clients, Guy’s approach is shown as the most stable and most effective way, and the results outperform the quality of any well-known processing programs like Lightroom it Capture one.


We used all the possible row converters that exist on the market, but I can confidently assure you that there is nothing even close to the results obtained after the Guy’s Process.


Visit Guy Gowan’s website

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Cover Portrait of our great client Alexandra Hamel for magazine publication.
MUAH Nady Makup /
Captured with Sony a7R III, 85 1.2 GM, Profoto D1

Taking corporate Headshots, some time it turns out to be editorial portrait..

It’s just amazing to meet your wedding client after many year ant to take beautiful Headshot

Amazing Studio Headshot of Nadia we did last week for her article in upcoming Arabian Horse magazine.
It came out so elegant, clean and glamour at the same time.
MUA: Nady Makeup
Hasselblad H4D-40, 120mm.
Profoto D1

One of our destination corporate Headshots we did in Vancouver last August for International client ArgoGroup


Some time you get some sunshine in front of your camera!

Editorial Portraits of François Guay

Cover photography for – Hotelier Magazine
Hotel William Gray, Montreal

Acting portrait of Leif Anderson

Actor headshot, with some new technique of double reflected light
NYC style headshot

ƒ/4.5,Hasselblad H4D-40,4 May, 2017,120mm,100,1/320s,


Beginning of my Headshots…

One of my first headshots I took back in 2012
Model: Alexandra Hamel Bélisle


Makeup Photography / Beauty Portrait

From my recent makeup photography project, with beautiful model Diana.
Model: Diana Hanakova
Captured with medium format Hasselblad H4D-40, 120mm, two Profoto D1


Foodservice and Hospitality magazine,
chef Kimberly Lallouz

Creative portraits photoshoot for Foodservice and Hospitality magazine. Kimberly Lallouz (better known as Kimberly LaBlues) is a busy chef and owner of two restaurants: Miss Prêt à Manger and Monsieur Restaurant+Bar. Captured with Sony a7R II camera, only Profoto D1.


Headshot Photography / Annie Ferland

These blue eyes…
Beauty portrait of Annie Ferland

My cover Headshot of Dr. Alain Aube

This portrait of Dr. Alain reminds me the famous portrait of Steve Jobs by Marco Grob. Simple, but so natural.