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It was incredibly interesting to photograph this project. I was impressed by the way the Chef approaches the food making, as if he creates a piece of art.

A few words about the restaurant:

Arëm is a high-end, fine dining restaurant that offers a contemporary Ottoman cuisine. Its owner and Executive Chef, Reza Azarpoor, is originally from Iran. His was inspired by his many journeys to settle down in Montreal and pursue his passion for the Ottoman culture and fine cuisine.

Food photography Montreal - Toronto

Restaurants food photography services in Montreal and Toronto

Montreal food Photographer

Restaurant photography in Montreal and Toronto

art food photography

Turkish restaurant in Montreal. Montreal - Toronto food photographer

Turkish food in Montreal, Photography by Vadim Daniel

unique food style photography by Montreal photographer Vadim Daniel

AREM, food photography project, Vadim Daniel Photography

molecular culinary, Montreal food photography

Molecular food restaurant in Montreal. Food photography

studio food photographer Vadim Daniel

AREM - Ottoman - Turkish restaurant in Montreal. Food photographer - Vadim Daniel Photography

food photo

molecular Ottoman food presentation and photography by Montreal-Toronto food studio photographer Vadim Daniel

food presentation and photography

food styling and photography by Vadim Daniel

molecular food photography by Vadim Daniel.

Food photography with Hasselblad H4D-40

Hasselblad food photography

Unique colours using Hasselblad camera for food photography

AREM restaurant, photography by Vadim Daniel

Turkish restaurant in Montreal

Turkish food presentation, photography by Vadim Daniel.

Montreal studio photographer

food presentation and photography

Capturing food with Hasselblad camera. Montreal food photographer Vadim Daniel

interesting food photography by Vadim Daniel

AREM restaurant

Food photography in Montreal

Food photography in Montreal - Toronto

turkish restaurant in Montreal

Montreal food photography studio

molecular kitchen, photography by Vadim Daniel Photography

Molecular food photography in Canada by Vadim Daniel Photography

beautiful food photography for AREM restaurant

restaurant food photography by Vadim Daniel. Montreal food photographer

special food photography project in Montreal



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